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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    They've been doing this a lot lately, for those of us not transitioned to Personal Power Zones (PPZ). It's misleading as it is Prime Time decoupled for actual demand. And if I recall correctly, you are just as likely to get non-PT rides in the full pink zone. I believe the actual red blob in...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Here's a good example of new reality. Lyft charged passenger almost x2 surge price and paid me 1.67 as a "bonus". Scammers!
  3. New Jersey
    So what is everyones thoughts on Lyft getting rid of prime in NJ?
  4. San Francisco
    Why does my app still show primetime? I thought they took it away and replaced it with dollar amount?
  5. Chattanooga
    Lyft has killed Prime Time, and drunkards get a super cheap ride, while drivers have to put up with the stupid stuff. I don't know why drivers with any type of normal reason do those hours at the minimum rate. It used to pay better to deal with the volatile, and I think it should pay better at...
  6. Seattle
    Unbelievable. Screenshot shows a quote for the airport at ~75% (correction: 50%) surge (correction: prime time), no personal power zone bonuses, driver gets paid at base rate. Welcome to the new Lyft. Unbelievable.
  7. Chicago
    http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-uber-lyft-price-cap-20180607-story.html Coming to a City Council near you.
  8. Seattle
    I worked in nonprofit PR for many years, so I know that many underfunded campaigns succeed because they are designed to attract OPM--Other People's Money. We need to raise public awareness of our impending doom by marshalling OPR--Other People's Resources--and giving them win-win opportunities...
  9. Lyft
    My cousin (signed up in Chicago market but works in Milwaukee) just got an email from Lyft stating that there is a "better way to earn". Instead of prime time will get a guaranteed amount. Seems to be the same thing Uber was testing in Charlotte. This is absolutely ridiculous. Have a look for...
  10. New York City
    I have noticed that Lyft doesn't show surge on 45+min trips. I got 2 45+min pings last week in morning surge it was 100 prime time but it just says 45+min trip no prime time. Then yesterday it was surging 100 prime time in whole Manhattan and I keep getting ping for 45+ trip but no surge. Wtf...
  11. New Jersey
    As a driver, it is good to have options. Compared to this time last year, I've increased my earnings by at least a factor of 1.5, and it has a lot to do with doing both Uber and Lyft. There are pros and cons to both platforms. On Uber, even though I do about twenty rides a week, I get a less...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    As most of you probably have a Lyft account and you know how misleading they are with their Prime Time (e.g., showing 50-200% PT with some pink boxes, which normally means no PT requests at least in my case), I wonder how you normally deal with this BS. What I am doing is going on line to let...
  13. Washington DC
    Evidently the new update for Lyft makes PT zones various shades of orange, not pink anymore. Can't say I was in the pink (GIGGITY!) anymore regarding Lyft
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What's happening? Been slow for a lot of people this month; figured I'd emerge from lurk mode and spend a bit of time sharing and learning. Even the best of us can benefit from a morale boost at times. Yes, the thread title was inspired by reddit, one of my favorite sites. Ask me anything. :)
  15. New York City
    Just got the email from Lyft with my stats for the year... how about you?
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I was really trying to come up with a 'look dummies how easy it is to make it surge by going offline' headline, but we all know how difficult it is to teach drivers tricks. Do you really need a better example than this? Game 1 NO Lyft PT, Uber had meesly 1.6x Boost. Enough to satisfy ants...
  17. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Have you seen this before? Instead of showing % increments, now Lyft shows sheer incremental $ numbers. It looks like a new way to lure drivers. I ignored them, as I don't take rides below 75% PT and it wasn't clear to me if it is worth my time and mileage with the new notification method...
  18. Washington DC
    thank you 300%!!!!!
1-20 of 42 Results