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  1. Miami
    I have access to a "premier" vehicle and was wondering if it was worthwhile to try and only grab premier rides. Whats the demand like? Any insights would be helpful. Maybe during Basel might be a good idea? thanks
  2. Advice
    MY QUESTION: Should I change my city to Jersey City, where I will spending most of my time driving but is in a different state or should I change it to Philadelphia which is still in my home state but has LUXSUV and Premier? And if I do go with Philadelphia, will I be able to pick up LUXSUV and...
  3. Lyft
    Hello, I'm new to ridesharing. I live in northeastern PA and I signed up for Uber and Lyft to make some extra cash during my downtime. I was approved by Lyft in about 5 days (still waiting on Uber background check). Lyft suggested a region about 45 minutes from me. I know my area has a small...
  4. Chicago
    Lexis es350 2009 with a 5.0 rating and I get no premier rides, have only had 1 premier ride ever. Anything I can do about this? I drive on the lyft platform only.
1-4 of 4 Results