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  1. San Francisco - East Bay
    The tire crunching pothole on 98th near 880 south has been filled in. Your tax dollars at work.
  2. San Francisco
    The title says it all. If there was a city forum for the East SF Bay I would have put this post there. I thought it noteworthy because any driver heading south from Oakland Airport will encounter it. It trashed my front driver side tire and I don’t have small wheels. Merry Christmas. Be safe...
  3. Boston
    Huntington and Mass Ave Underpass heading west. Get as close to the left wall as possible. Jesus Christ I thought I lost both my right side tires. Knocked my phone right of the dash. Where else are they popping up?
  4. Pittsburgh
    So over the weekend I hit a pothole on Forbes.... just off the exit as you head up the hill, center lane. If you drove on that stretch this weekend you couldn't have missed it. It was about 3 feet across and I couldn't see the bottom. I'm assuming they've filled it by now because it could...
1-4 of 4 Results