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  1. Advice
    May I suggest on the Uber App to detect whether if a location is a restricted area (military, state, or US Gov't Property). When the app detects a restricted area (Google can detect), it can ask If the rider has access to the restricted area. When the rider clicks "Yes," the app can direct the...
  2. New York City
    Why do people on this forum brag openly about how they game the Uber systems? Seriously, it's one thing to PM trusted members or to discuss with other drivers in real life... This forum has been featured in many big publications and yet we have members who post things such as; milking trips...
  3. London
    Just wondered as I had an advert come online while I was checking various online pages. https://rush.uber.com/how-it-works I personally don't want to deliver things as I have a bad back, obviously flowers or chocolates won't be a hassle but what next. Uber Post Uber Handyman Uber Security...
1-4 of 4 Results