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  1. Portland
    Scooters will return in the spring. Date not set yet. 2nd trial will be a 1 year program. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/article/709777
  2. Portland
    3 hours out 7 rides so far $34 grossed Not a single tip What's my average ride, like $4.75? Sheesh. $11.50 per hour really sucks.
  3. Portland
    What is an ant? Someone who drives for base, among other things. Well, that's everyone in Portland now, I think. 2nd week of January, tracking driving stats 30+ rides on each platform. My ratio was exactly 50/50, which is strange since I often gave heavy preference to Uber (due to the $3...
  4. Portland
    Pickup in Wilsonville. Young couple wanting to go to that amusement park in Sellwood. That's a nice long drive, I'm happy with it... We arrive and the place is deserted. Look on website, it says open 1-4. Time: 2pm. Ain't no one around. Bummer! "Driver? Do you know where Pioneer Place is? We...
  5. Portland
    For the people who are interested in meeting, are you more interested in a morning, noon-ish, or afternoon or evening meetup? Cast your vote, let me know yet thoughts. I'm thinking next Wed or Thurs since its so slow during the week days.
  6. Portland
    Okay people, here are my stats for last week: * since no one else has mentioned they are tracking anything, there's no point in me explaining how to get the numbers. * these numbers are from Jan 1st thru Sunday night. they do NOT include NYE, which I already reported in a separate thread...
  7. Chatter
    Couldn't pass it up!
  8. Portland
    Unbelievably slow tonight! In the spirit of positivity, here are some reasons to be thankful for the slowness: . Traffic is awesome right now . Didn't get summoned to Moda, not once . My brain doesn't hurt thinking about how to spend all that money I didn't make . No service dogs, no drunks...
  9. Chatter
    Man has lunch a local Burger King, almost a daily thing for him. Uses restroom, ends up getting locked in for an hour. After he's out, the manager promised a free meal every time he came in. They kept the promise for 2 weeks, then corporate says No more. Suing for the cost of a free meal for...
  10. Portland
    Over 10 hours put in. About 1 hr was complete online dead time or dead miles. Including those, I averaged $49/hr gross. Grossed over $500 total. $3.37/ mile driven 3 tips on Uber for $5 total, out of 20-25 rides. 7 Lyft tips for $28 total out of 10-15 rides. Lyft was 38% of my rides but 29%...
  11. Portland
    Lots of people still out of town. Traffic is light, that's a positive, but rides are fewer. Uber showing a surge of $7.50 at the airport, yet there are 56-60 cars in the queue. Fake surge? Why yes, I think so. Almost killed a pedestrian downtown. Dumbo decides to cross Broadway with almost...
  12. Portland
    A few times now I have tracked numbers for a month and posted them here week by week. Has anyone found this useful? Does anyone want to track numbers with me? Was thinking of 4 weeks of tracking, starting with Monday. If no one gives a crap I will quit wasting cyberspace with my stats.
  13. Portland
    Anyone want to meet up? I'm thinking Tuesday 11am near 20th and Sandy. If enough people are interested I've got a specific location in mind. Possible topics: - taking advantage of the new rates - working the flat rate surge for best profit - general Q and A I have a meeting at 1pm nearby that...
  14. Portland
    Was in Vancouver just across the river from the airport. Did a drop off. Uber showed a flat dollar surge at PDX of $15. Wow, that's worth driving there for! Lyft showed 6 or 8 cars in the Q. With the 'new and improved' surge, it should stay there 3x longer, right? So I head to 205. Halfway over...
  15. Portland
    I've got it... send the homeless to Sauvies Island! Denmark to Banish Migrants to Tiny Remote Island...
  16. Portland
  17. Portland
    Let's do some math and figure out what the actual damage will be to us. I am only going to do the math on Uber X/regular Lyft. This math does not include Base Pay of $.94, and it does not include the mythical surge, or quests, or gas, or the inevitable flat tire. If you are driving at an...
  18. Portland
    What a bunch 0f …. Uber can go **** themselves.
  19. Portland
    Uber is hitting Portland with a double whammy very soon. Changing surge to a flat dollar rate AND Cutting distance pay while increasing time pay. **** me.
  20. Portland
    Was this billboard really necessary?
21-40 of 156 Results