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pool riders
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  1. Stories
    So I thought, maybe I could try doing pool rides again as long as it was still daylight. Wrooooong I get a pool request - guys name, then another, girls name added - and quickly another, girl named Grace (Oh the irony) I pull up to the pin for Grace and send the "I have arrived notice". After...
  2. Chicago
    Last January. Collllld weather. Back when I took all rides (and during Surge, it paid off). This wa a pool ride, of course. The names have been changed. Highlights: Picked up Heckle and Jeckle, girls who were friends, and unrelated NotFelicia from a bar in Lakeview. Maxed out with...
  3. Chicago
    I want to make my Sunday night SHORT, snag my Quest bonus, and call it a Weekend. I want me some pool combos with 2, 3 trips. Bring on the low-raters--as if I care. Remind me some best areas? I've stuck with north Chicago and out of pool territory (only one pool ping all weekend) when not in...
  4. Technology
    Any way to disable pool ride requests? It doesn’t pay for me to take them and my continual ‘No thanks’ seems to be killing my acceptance rate.
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
  6. Chicago
    The zingers about pool riders are spectacular.
1-6 of 6 Results