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  1. Complaints
    https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000067336 Crazy trying to pay to win Uber
  2. Chicago
    Sun-Times: Lightfoot would change who gets da Boot
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Wynne famously axed John Tory's request to add a $2-5 Toll for each use of the QEW/DVP into the Toronto Core, but a curious support has returned to residents in the GTA who are, and have been for some time, frustrated with the Don Valley Parking Lot and the jammed up QEW in the morning and...
  4. San Francisco
    I received this text message from Lyft yesterday evening: “Please vote Roy Moore on 12/12 to help drain the swamp! Put a Trump supporter in Senate. Put the false accusations into trash can. MAGA!”
  5. Autonomous
    This forum has had a lot of discussion about robots and automation eliminating jobs. This may be the ultimate example or maybe it properly belong in the "OTHER" forum. What do you think? BTW, as far as I'm concerned, except in the most generic sense, this thread has absolutely nothing to do...
  6. London
    Hello all! I am an independant filmmaker and I have been asked to make a very short (60 second) video for an online magazine about Uber vs the Cabbies. We are putting both sides of the argument - any takers on a very short ten minute interview this week? (preferably Friday....) I can meet you...
  7. Chicago
    Anybody know Uber's policy about promoting politics inside our vehicle? As employees they could fire us immediately but as independent contractors I think it's different. I carefully did this collecting signatures for an Illinois constitutional amendment and got a great response. I'd like to...
  8. Phoenix
    I'm looking for help or some advice. I had a disagreement about politics with a rider and he decided to report to Lyft that "I seemed like I might be under the influence". They won't tell me who made the report so I don't know for sure. Now after a consistent 4.8 rating and over 400 rides Lyft...
  9. Chicago
    I know this was addressed a few weeks back but I wanted to know if anyone in the Chicago market can view passenger ratings. I think we all know we lost the ability to view ratings so that we don't cherry pick and so there is no perception of ratings being linked to protected classes resulting in...
1-9 of 21 Results