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  1. Melbourne
    i am looking for a standard employment... just wanted to confirm how obtaining a Police Check can help me in getting the job
  2. Melbourne
    Dear All, I’m very new to be Uber member, Please kindly advise why I can’t upload my Criminal Background Check? Even in App or Website (Unable to click for upload). Is it have other way to upload? Or need to attend online Crimina Background Check? Thank in advent !
  3. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    I am almost positive that this job truly personifies Murphy's Law. I tried to ride the Temecula Surge wave last night on some kind of crazed idea that it would follow the same patterns that it has every other weekend. Seeing as anytime I try to do anything calculated it ends up poorly, it was...
  4. London
    Is anyone waiting for the DBS check to come back? If do when did you submit your application and how many days has it been on stage 4?
  5. Melbourne
    So how long does it usually take for the Vic Roads check and Police check to come through? I've been waiting since mid December 2015 and still nothing. Chasing Uber is useless, just the usual 'be patient please'.
1-5 of 5 Results