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  1. UberEATS
    How can I see where the delivery destination is on the Uber Eats app on my iPhone? My friend can see the destination on their Android, but I cannot see it on mine.
  2. San Francisco
    The only ones who don’t know Uber & Lyft just passed a tipping point are Uber & Lyft. Plus a hundred thousand ants. It’s open season on them now.
  3. New York City
    After 4 year driving, got 7 points (5 points for cellphone, 2 points for u turn) within 2 months. Lost both hearings and paid the fine. I Remer that tlc suspends you after 6 points. How does that work? Will i receive a letter from tlc? Meanwhile , i did go to a reduction point class. But dmv...
  4. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't. This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up...
1-4 of 4 Results