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  1. Las Vegas
    Pax who drop the pin at the wrong location on the strip need to get a clue. We can only drive to the location that they set. Recently a pax hinted that I didn't want to pick him up because he was not going far. Last week another pax assumed the same thing when she got charged a cancellation fee...
  2. Chicago
    Everytime there is a range of numbers for pick up address. It is always a drop pin. And always it is inaccurate. If you are near a park, a bridge, tall buildings or a cemetery, good luck! Their real destination is usually 1 -2 miles in the opposite direction. So I sit and collect my $5. I...
  3. Tulsa
    Almost half my airport rides have the pin dropped on the north side of the airport. Is there anyway to change the destination in the driver's app?
  4. Complaints
    Today was shaping up to be a slow one, so I went online (XL) from home so I could take care of few things around the house. Finally got a ping mid afternoon. Only 3 miles away. I arrive to find a gated entrance. Text pax twice. About to cancel when I get the call. "I think I dropped the...
1-4 of 4 Results