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  1. Phoenix
    Yeah, I know you guys will be psyched up to hear this. MILL Ave is open! Now new and improved; with railroad tracks running up the northbound lane. With ASU coming back right now, you too can make all that life-changing money! Rides going to and from MILL, and most pax just became unsupervised...
  2. Dallas
    Last night for an Uber trip from Love Field to Mansfield: This trip started at Love Field (DAL) during a surge period. The initial ping came in on a street adjacent to the airport but passenger called immediately and said they were at the terminal. Prior to the trip the entire airport area was...
  3. Chicago
    Everytime there is a range of numbers for pick up address. It is always a drop pin. And always it is inaccurate. If you are near a park, a bridge, tall buildings or a cemetery, good luck! Their real destination is usually 1 -2 miles in the opposite direction. So I sit and collect my $5. I...
  4. Tulsa
    Almost half my airport rides have the pin dropped on the north side of the airport. Is there anyway to change the destination in the driver's app?
  5. Lyft
    Is the only way to input their final destination to type it in? Can they drag and drop the pin like their pickup location?
  6. Raleigh-Durham
    I am so over drunk 20 and 30 some things. Text to confirm location after I arrive. Drunk kids call telling me they were in the club when they used the uber ap and am I near them. No, I wasn't, I was way North Raleigh in an industrial area. Had to cancel the ride. On the up side picked up a...
1-6 of 6 Results