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  1. Complaints
    So this is the pic that I used. It was rejected. The usual reasons...not alone in pic, hat, sunglasses, blurry photo...none of these things apply. What the heck?
  2. Complaints
    Had this person cancel on me 3x in a row. The cancels were immediate. Requests spaced 5-7 min apart. At first I thought it was Lyft just giving it to another driver. But now I'm thinking the pax didn't like my pic or name. My Lyft rating 4.9. Thoughts?
  3. Jacksonville
    I wanted to bring up the issue of cameras. I know a lot of customers are doing site seeing and vacationing to different areas. They get into the car and start either with the video camera or direct pictures. They will stand up in their seats, capture their friend's picture, vice versa, and even...
  4. Advice
    Hello everyone! I have to share it so maybe someone have had similar experience... I tried to go online today and was asked to take a selfie for a verification. I did so and received information that " Face did not match" and my account got suspended. I contacted the uber support but didn't...
  5. New York City
    How do Uber verify the driver profile picture when submitted? Do they use face recognition software to match with driver license/or state id on their file? driver could submit their friend picture and let him/her drive on their account?
  6. Advice
    The other day. I had this girl telling me, when she requested a ride and the pic of driver shows up. refused to ride with that guy. (based on the picture). She actually told me that she was a little spooked by the guy (which was a picture of an older guy) She told me, she canceled that ride...
1-6 of 6 Results