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  1. Stories
    I dropped a kid off at a college in the city. There were lots of kids walking around like classes had just let out, so I figured I'd stick around and see if I could get a rematch. Sure enough, I got a ping in a couple minutes. I was close enough to the pin that I didn't even have to move the...
  2. Advice
    Some drivers are newer and pick up anyone and anything. The rest of us have become selective. Hopefully this will help newer people figure out where to draw the line when it comes to driving for free. On an "average" scenario, what's the max you will drive for a pick up, and why? What's the...
  3. Melbourne
    How long is the wait at the melbourne airport in the morning?
  4. Philadelphia
    So yesterday I had a ride from northern Delaware to Newark, NJ. When I got there, I didn't go offline, but I didn't expect to get anything because it's outside the Philly market. But to my surprise I got a ping in Newark 5 minutes later, and I was able to accept it. Have they changed things to...
  5. Chicago
    Good morning everyone. Newbie here. What times are best on Saturdays and Sundays to drive and where are the best locations to get business. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Advice
    I no longer see in app how many passengers to expect at pickup after accepting trip request. Where should I be looking for this info? In fare details I no longer see a calculation based on the number of people riding. When did I start giving free rides?
  7. Minneapolis
    http://m.startribune.com/downtown-minneapolis-to-designate-pickup-zones-for-uber-lyft-at-bar-close/501152462/ Minneapolis wants to designate a zone for Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up downtown nightclubbers and bar patrons at the end of the night, according to the city. The ride-share zone...
  8. Australia
    we try to pick up the order as soon as possible, so sometimes we need to pass a tollway but uber didn't pay anything for tolls before picking up the order and it is not good!
  9. News
    https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/16/uber-spotlight/ Uber is aiming to perfect the art of the pick-up with three features it says minimize cancellations. Guaranteed pickup windows boost confidence that you'll make your flight, and give you a credit of $10 if your scheduled ride is late...
  10. Lyft
    A long long time ago I wrote here about what Lyft needs to do to fix their scheduled right pickups for drivers. If they had listened at the time a ton of unnecessary pain could have been have been avoided for lyft passengers and drivers alike. Lyft should not take 8 months to introduce...
  11. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Does Lyft have an equivalent to Uber's Premium Pickup Likely?
  12. San Francisco
    ... Traffic around AT&T Park swells after a ballgame or other events...It may be helpful to call your rider and coordinate pickup at a nearby pickup location. Convenient pickup locations include: The Caltrain station on 4th St Pier 40 (north of the park) Between 2nd St and 3rd St at South Park...
  13. Houston
    Hello Drivers, I am in trinity, tx 75862. I need a ride to Bush International on March 27. I'm heading back to Nome Alaska. My flight leaves at 7:20PM, so getting there roughly 2 hours before would be good. I am willing to give generous tip for driving out to pick me up. (Open to negotiation)...
  14. Sydney
    Hi fellows, Three questions: 1- Is it worth it to wait for pax pick up from the airport WHENEVER I end up dropping off a rider over there? 2- Is the qeue size that I see on the map for international or domestic? 3- In the airport, when it’s my turn, does Uber show me on the map where to go to...
  15. UberEATS
    Well it is time to lock the doors and pull the Uber stickers out of my windows. Well I just stopped to do an UberEats pickup at a restaurant and a guy and a girl hop into the backseat of my car. I turn my head around and ask them what they are doing? The guy said to me that I was their Uber...
  16. Las Vegas
    Any drivers out right now interested in a pickup at Mt. Charleston to Downtown Las Vegas, let me know. I usually do all the pickups at Mt. Charleston because it's good money, but I'm unavailable to do so right now... Let me know and I'll link you with the customers. Thank You!
  17. UberEATS
    Normally I don't look at this too closely but I'm trying to decide if doing double pickups makes more money then doing single pickups. It always seemed like I was losing money doing double pickups because when you do a double pickup the driver only gets paid for 1 pickup and 2 drop offs plus...
  18. Chicago
    Although this is my very first post, I've been lurking on this forum for a long time and I don't consider myself a new Uber driver at this point. A lot of great information can be gathered from this forum and I appreciate the helpful people around here. Seasoned Uber drivers who are already...
  19. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    I am from the IE, work in the IE, and do quite a bit in the IE but not a full time driver. One of the places in riverside that drives me nuts is university village. More importantly because people do not know how to pin their pick up points correctly and do not like picking up their phones...
  20. Portland
    Uber inked a deal with Westfield Malls to put Uber Lounges and designated pickup spots in their malls. I dont have the link, sorry.
1-20 of 41 Results