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  1. Advice
    Guys sorry only new to uber and based in the blue mountains. Is the drop off and pick up points the same area for the airport (prioity pick up)? i understand international and domestic are different but what about the zones? I cant seem to find information Thanks guys n gals
  2. Stories
    I was one of the first drivers to sign up to drive for Uber in 2014 for the Fort Myers/Naples/Cape Coral area and I also have the ignoble distinction to become the first Uber driver to be arrested for driving for Uber just because I was doing my job picking up riders from SWFL International...
  3. Advice
    Has anyone ever tried skipping the airport queue to get more pickups? (Staying parked in garage, log off before you enter queue, log back in when you're out of it, etc?)
  4. Portland
    Where do you drop off and pick up passengers at the Portland,Oregon airport?
  5. Atlanta
    How do you deal with pickup request below: Pool request with 4.64 or rated pax at the airport? X request from 4.64 riders at the airport? What about nearby pickups and not airport pickups when your waiting at RAA? How many request can you deny or reject before you are kicked out of the...
  6. Minneapolis
    What are the rules for dropping off or picking up people at the MSP airport? I live really close to there and plan on picking up people from there, among other places. Are there any special rules to follow? I can't really find anything on here or on Uber's site. Do I just keep driving through...
1-6 of 6 Results