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  1. London
    Im still confused as to why PHV are not considered as public transport and are not allowed on bus lanes. Whats this gang owned mob TLF doing? Its 2021 time to change the way London flows. Traffic is a nightmare allowing PHV to use the bus lanes will free up the traffic, PHV make up a large...
  2. UK
    So... Hello all 1st of all, I am planning of buying Mercedes Benz E class (2018 plate from official car dealer)... - Shall I buy brand new 2018 plate or second hand?so I don't have to pay 10k to own the car. Car would cost 41-47K -Shall I get petrol or hybrid engine? -Shall I get borrow...
  3. London
    Posted my PCO Application last Wednesday 15th August 2018. Visited the Uber Office Monday 20th to attend the Uber Ignition but I didn't need to be there as I already completed my PCO Application. Got a free A-Z and was offered lessons for the Topographical Test. "I got 19 years experience as a...
  4. London
    Transport for London has revealed details today (15 February) of its new policy statement which highlights how ride-sharing and app-booking services could work in the future and features a list of stringent procedures with the aim of “Ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and...
  5. London
    Hi! Im planning to buy my own vehicle by Hire Purchase contract. Would be that legally possible to license it for a PHV (LONDON) before the end of the contract? Please advice! I want to be 100% sure that it is possible. Thanks for your advice in advance!
  6. Sydney
    hey guys, I just wanna ask that; i have got driver authority card before 1 of November and on the letter its says ''You will be automatically transitioned as a driver to the new regulatory framework. This means that at midnight on 31 October 2017, you will automatically have a Passenger...
  7. London
    Hi guys, can anybody recommend a good company which offers breakdown cover to phv?
  8. London
    Hi I am just looking into doing Uber driving in London. I have a chronic health problem so I need the flexibility that Uber offers in working flexible hours. What car make, model and year should I buy/lease/rent for London? The TFL guidelines say that the private hire vehicles have to be 5...
  9. London
    Hi all, Me again, sorry about that. I have a simple question/dilemma. I am looking to hire a PCO Vehicle for 2 weeks with Ins,, I want to work as much as possible and as time allows during the period of 25/06 - 8th or 9th/07. I have been working for an events team in London and have had no...
  10. London
    Has anyone tried applying for a PHV exemption when doing executive work?
1-10 of 10 Results