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  1. Advice
    Hi, I'm not an Uber driver so I hope it's ok for me to post here. The reason I'm asking here is because my googling made a page on this forum come up before I realized it was from the point of view of Uber drivers, but I then thought it'd be the best place to ask. My question is about how Uber...
  2. Stories
    I have heard several conversations that I think should have been held in private. I picked up a guy who was rude AF from the start. He immediately made a phone call telling someone that - we'll call him Joe Blow - Joe came to his door at 3 am with a TV, 2 ipads and a laptop computer and needed...
  3. Technology
    I don't often get a passenger calling me while I'm on the way to pickup after a ping, but, out of the few times they do call me, most of the time the Lyft app seems to lose network connection and turns into a vegetable no matter what. Symptom: after the call ends and I arrive, I tap pickup but...
1-3 of 3 Results