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  1. Pay
    So I get this email lyft is now paying us the second we accept a ride. Sounded great but now I see lyft cut the fare to 35 cents a mile now. So a 10 mile ride is now 3.50 how does that help me out . I just dont ****n get it right now, so how much does the pax pay ????
  2. Advice
    It was a really slow day for Uber Saturday May 25th the website said there was no problem with the app at the live map shows there was an outage in most of Arizona and almost all of California Iowa's on and off theapp for about 12 hours. Perhapson the app about 5 hours probably four or five...
  3. Phoenix
    Anyone on here know if there’s a Discord out there for Uber/Lyft PHX?
  4. Autonomous
    https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/12/kroger-owned-grocery-store-begins-fully-driverless-deliveries/ Uber Eats gonna need some Pepto asap. Clean up on aisle five.
  5. Phoenix
    its Monday Dec 10th at 4:45 pm and my app has completely crashed. I accepted a ride and it wouldn’t show GPS, could not cancel or contact the rider or anything. I can’t even contact Uber support. Is anyone else experiencing issues?
  6. Phoenix
    Sooooo I still cant cash out for the day out of gas and its Friday night. Am I the only one????????!!!!!!
  7. Pay
    I’m currently driving for Uber in Denver full-time. If I work somewhere between 50-60 hours, I’m averaging around $1500-1700 a week. Thinking about moving to Phoenix and was curious as to what full-time drivers are seeing in pay? Please let me know. Thanks
  8. Autonomous
    Video 16:15 to 16:40 Notice in the video Krafcik, the Waymo CEO, says nothing about Uber. And Waymo also invested a billion dollars in Lyft. Why? Because Waymo needs Lyft to handle excess demand in the beginning. Lyft could double fares for the driver but keep fares the same for the pax...
  9. Phoenix
    New to driving and am I missing something or does Uber have surge rates a lot at Sky Harbor Phoenix airport but Lyft never raises it no matter how busy it is? That seems crazy, why would anyone drive for Lyft at the airport unless they are slow in the head?
  10. Phoenix
    Hi - has anyone picked up from PHX airport and taken fare to Tucson? How much would this cost? Any leads for drivers that would be willing? Thanks.
  11. Phoenix
    I am moving to Phoenix in January and am hoping what I have experienced in Chicago over the last 2 and a half years will be the similar if not the same in PHX. If anyone would be willing to answer these questions that would be great. Big move for me coming up and these questions being answered...
  12. Autonomous
    Self driving cars are here carrying select civilians on live roads. The next step is to remove the Waymo employee from the passenger's seat. Waymo will then go live to the general public in Pheonix AZ. When do you think this will happen?
  13. Autonomous
    https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/7/16615290/waymo-self-driving-safety-driver-chandler-autonomous Waymo, the autonomous vehicle division of Alphabet, Google's parent company, reached an important milestone recently: since mid-October, the company has been operating its autonomous minivans on...
  14. Autonomous
    So Waymo's self-driving minivans aren't quite ready for a commercial launch. But the company is sweating the kind of details you only worry about when a commercial product launch is months, not years, away. So before too long, I expect people in Phoenix to start seeing commercial self-driving...
  15. Autonomous
    Google/Waymo is launching their self driving taxi service (no human behind the wheel) with 600 Chrysler Pacifica mini vans in Phoenix before Christmas. This will be like adding two thousand full time Uber drivers overnight, and these cars are not going to be sitting around waiting for pings...
  16. Autonomous
    When Google launches their self driving taxi service in Phoenix, requests outside Google's 3D mapped area will go to Lfyt. Google needs Lyft to take their rejects.
  17. Autonomous
    This House unanimously approved the self driving car bill that gives manufacturers more leeway to test their vehicles by allowing the industry to put up to 100,000 vehicles on the road annually with exemptions from federal safety standards. My guess is most of the 100,000 cars will go to cities...
  18. Phoenix
    Anyone out there renting from the local Ride Share companies? I just saw the add for UCars I think it's called and wondering what all it entails? I've done my research and think this is the best bet for me now until I save up to buy a cheap car. I sent in a application but there is no number...
  19. Phoenix
    I picked up XL at the Tim McGraw concert.. almost an hour and 15 miles.. 20 bucks
  20. Phoenix
    Am I going insane or are we drivers stuck between a Uber and Lyft pissing contest? First they were lowering rates back and forth.. now they're at rock bottom. There are more drivers and less rides. Wtf?
1-20 of 56 Results