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  1. Licensed
    Good afternoon everyone. It seems Uber trying to force new drivers and in the future former Uber black driver to get a CDL license in Phoenix Arizona. They saying Uber black drivers need to get CDL class C but when we contact DMV, they said that it's funny cause since January 2021 no matter...
  2. Phoenix
    Just got off the phone of what Uber calls customer service with no resolution. They baited me to the airport with a surge, I waited 40 minutes before I was issued a ride only to have the app spin around and display “Oops, something went wrong” I accepted the next ride a minute later, but was...
  3. Phoenix
    Anyone els having the same problem ? I still keep getting drunk Paxx that are getting away from putting the destination in. Those A holes haven't updated the app and like to play GPS game and get mad at me for making a wrong turn ... You chicky Fuc*s :D
  4. Phoenix
    I found a way to increase your tips! I left my tips visible by the shifter and noticed my tips have jumped way up. I drove yesterday for 5hrs and made $12 which is great because I wouldn't get tips for weeks before!
  5. Phoenix
    For those of you that care, I have finally found a sweet gig and my uber days are pretty much over. With the imminent rate changes, I made a move and got lucky with a new gig. I have just under 1900 overall trips, 1378 of those rated and 1295 of those rides being all 5 stars. My rating as it...
  6. Phoenix
    Anyone out there sue uber in Phoenix area or nearby cities such as LA, Vegas and possibly won? Anyone attempted to sue them and lost? Feedback is much needed. Also, know of any attorneys in the Metro Phoenix area that do that type of cases?
  7. Phoenix
    So, as most of you have already seen, Detroit rates are only .30 cents a mile and most markets fashion below .80 cents a mile which means we're on the verge of .65 cents a mile conundrum. My question, what do we do? Do we sit around and kindly take it up the butt or do we stand the ****kk up and...
  8. Phoenix
    This shows us how many more riders we can get after they pay their $10-15K for their mistake! Lets say each rider uses Uber 3 times a month 888,264 more opportunities than we had in 2015 if Uber can reach them...
  9. Phoenix
    I don't know if someone else already posted this but I was thinking...on a busy weekend(or a slow Tuesday) morning, we(Uber Drivers) should download and leave uber customer accounts on to generate some Surge. Does that make any sense? Is that how surges start anyway or am I not understanding...
  10. Phoenix
    Be safe out there. And take your time don't be in a hurry. Cops will be out full force this weekend, all weekend!
  11. Phoenix
    So, I'm a brand new Uber Select driver. Traded in my Uber X car for a luxury Uber Select car. Apparently, because it is not an SUV, I do not have the ability just to choose Uber Select...meaning I have to do both Select and X rides. Well, lets just say, three days since my update from X to...
  12. Phoenix
    Beware if you pick up in downtown Phoenix. I got lectured last night by a Phoenix officer that after Feb 2016 they will enforce illegal drop offs and pick ups it's a $1500 fine if they think your street hailing. The officer was nice enough not to write me a $300 ticket for illegally parking at...
  13. Surge
    I was driving Halloween night and I cant help but to think something shady is going on with Surge pricing. I saw surge pricing was 4.5x in Tempe in the Partner App so I drive 20 minutes to get there. Once I got in the surge area I start getting fare requests for 1.5x but the map still showed...
  14. Phoenix
    What are the UberXL vehicle requirements for the Phoenix area? All I can find is that some cities are 2005 and newer vehicles and other cities are 2007 and new with less than 100,000 miles but I couldn't find anything specific for the Phoenix area.
1-14 of 14 Results