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  1. Philadelphia
    Yesterday morning after a PHL drop off, I headed to the PHL lot because there were only 10 cars on Über and 7 on Lyft. It’s crazy how it only showed very few cars but when I arrived at the lot, there was an ant farm in there, at least 35-40 cars. I should’ve drove away. I thought it was a quick...
  2. Philadelphia
    Which one would you pick?
  3. Philadelphia
    I remember you could stop at the WaWa for gas or to use the restroom while on the waiting quest.
  4. Philadelphia
    Tonight I saw at least 7 accidents. Most of them on I-95 near PHL. Be safe out there. Fact: hydroplaning can occur when driving at 35 MPH or faster.
  5. Philadelphia
    Did anybody else get this text from Uber?
  6. Philadelphia
    Here is my message to support on Monday, November 14, 2016. "Ever since the last update, I cannot see the Phila Airport queue unless I am On Line. I live near the airport if the wait 10 minutes or less, I'll head there. If I am home and Off Line, I used to use the airport queue as a gauge to...
  7. Philadelphia
    Folks, If I have a NYC TLC license and a TLC registered car, Am I able to pickup at PHL. If so, what is the process? Do I wait in the cell phone lot, curbside or is there a limo line. Thanls