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  1. Australia
    Today ATO asks me to lodge my BAS for the period from April to June, the problem is I started UBER a month ago and my logbook is not yet filled for 12 weeks. Whats the solution for this? Thanks
  2. Complaints
    So I am relatively new to Lyft, and I have never driven for Uber. From what I understand Lyft claims it keeps 20%. Lately I've had some passengers tell me what they paid for the ride and after doing the math it looks like Lyft is getting 50% of the fare in many cases! How is this not...
  3. Phoenix
    Uber has been nudging up the minimum ride fee, now charging $6.11, up from $5.75. That means Uber is now making 87 cents more than we are for every short ride that we give. Once again, they are pocketing the entire increase. I'm not seeing a penny more than the $2.62 I've always received...
  4. Complaints
    So Uber has been getting slower and slower over the past year or so that I've noticed, but I feel like it's getting insane. The other night, a Thursday which have been very lucrative in the past, I was online for over two hours and got one ride. The hardest part is that I see ads for more...
  5. Pay
    New driver here. Excuse me if it's a repeat question. I use the Stride app to record my expenses like mileage, etc. In Stride, under Phone & Services, I'm to put the date, $ amount and then the % of the day I used my phone for work. My question is about the $ amount. ??? My cell bill is...
  6. Pay
    In the last 2 weeks, the percentage that Uber keeps from fares is between 33% for larger fares and up to 49% for smaller fares. Who the hell do they think they are? I would like to see how well they do without their drivers.
  7. Phoenix
    I have been driving uber for little more than a month...ive cleaned vomit out of my car and carried the vomitte out of my car and to her front door while her frail coffee barista looking boyfriend told me about this great air freshener that can even block the smell of weed and anything even...
  8. Pay
    Hi! Does Uber has incentives too? Like Grabcar? How many percent? Or can you give me an estimate please! Thank you! :D
  9. Manila, Ph
    Hi! Does Uber has incentives too? Like Grabcar? How many percent? Or can you give me an estimate please! Thank you! :D
  10. Advice
    Hello I am all set up but have a few questions. 1) What happens once you accept a request from a passenger? Esp as a female I'm wondering if I do not get the Uber phone will they be given my personal cell phone number? Do most people use the Uber phone? Advantages and disadvantages? Any...
1-10 of 10 Results