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  1. Stories
    How frequently do you and what method do you employ? I always wear shorts with enough leeway to haunch forward on the seat and snake it out, relieving myself into an empty cup, and then holding onto it (lid attached) until I arrive at pickup. Crack the door, pour it out while waiting for...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello all, First, i want to provide a little background. The night was going fine until 2ish, when I get a ping at Beverly Grove. Rating: 4.6 i believe. After two no shows i eagerly accepted. I'm fiddling with my phone while the group decides to get in. I realized too late that they're a group...
  3. Washington DC
    I attched video to this that girl if not me she has smiler perosnlaty ! and we have same look ! ! last night posted my post in wrong place ! !hope my DC driver friends see this one it's Good bye luck and good wish for all of you driver safe don't pick up low rated Rats ! any way i sold...
  4. Complaints
    For anybody working in Boston who has been to the airport will probably notice how disgusting the lot is. I'm actually very happy they are towing Uber/Lyft drivers and giving them citations here now. Everywhere you park and you open the door you get a wiff of pee smell. Some pee in bottles and...
  5. Minneapolis
    Alright this has to be the crappiest day I have had Ubering. (Literally) First run of the day a pick up at the Airport. Get a ping to Turdimal 1 should have been Turdimal 2 anyway... I call the lady immediately to guide her to the right location and asked her to ask a cop or the info desk to...
  6. Stories
    So I have seen and cleaned some really crazy puke. Even had one guy lift up his skirt and poop on the third row floor board...10am on a Tuesday. Anyone else want to share?
  7. Complaints
    Finally broke in my car tonight. Nice talkative girl a little drunk, hiccups et al. Drop her off, next pax informs seat is wet. Rated 4.95 on lyft, not anymore :mad:
  8. Stories
    Yep, believe me or not... A drunk girl peed in my car, and she did not say anything. She just moved from the right to the left side. Well I did not notice anything at the moment. When I dropped them off (her boyfriend was in front just near me) I smelled this odor. Lyft just charged her $100...
  9. Advice
    So this is the paint used in San Francisco on walls to help fight public urination. Basically if you pee on the wall it will splash back on you. It can also be applied to fabrics. Now your pax will just soak it up once applied.
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Second time in 1 month The first time it was a drunk girl.- for the people calling me names you can go... Well you know.
1-10 of 11 Results