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  1. Washington DC
    Quiet morning. Ready to go 6:45 Am @Temleytown. 3 trips in 2 hours.Barely $25 /hr on rush hour? See you all after 3pm. I am changing tactics. No more running around on non peak/non surges hours. Waste of time and money. 20 trips on Prime hours and GO HOME. It usually works better.!!!!!
  2. Lyft
    i just got a message from lyft saying that they have updated their power driver bonus now they changed to 35 peak / 65 rides total with 90%?? been doin barely 30-35 rides a week and exactly 15 peak after work & on saturdays and got that extra $50 almost every week. did everyones PDB has...
  3. Tallahassee
    I am looking to get started with both Uber and Lyft in Tallahassee. I will only be driving 10-20 hours during peak times. 1. Based on your experience what are the best hours to drive and how much have you made hourly? 2. Do you receive many tips, if so, can you please let me know what your...
  4. Lyft
    Well, now that I have failed to hit the lowest tier of the PDB now for several weeks and I am not really trying, it would seem Lyft is now feeding me more rides in general. I am rarely online during weekday morning peak hours anymore, and I dual app and cherry pick all through bar hours on...
  5. Lyft
    It just hit me last night: There is no way I can make my Express Drive bonus with the new "peak hour" system. That means about 30% of my check is going in the dumper if I fail to get even the minimal 40 peak rides per week. I am officially complaining to Lyft today aboyt the new system, but if...
  6. New York City
    lots of surges going on in the last 3 days!!! what's up with this??? was it that there was a strike on Monday and guys are not working this week as much? was it the storm!?!? I only need to make another 15 peak!! that's all I gotta do!!!!!!!!!!! fake or real surge!?!?
  7. New York City
    Yo!! anyone else have the problem of not getting those guarantee pay!?? I did more than 31 peak under 110st street in NYC and I actually counted 81 trips all together all within NYC!!! what gives!?!? anyone else that didn't get their guarantee?!? did you have to hoot and holler to get it!?!?
  8. Seattle
    Hey folks, So I've been driving with Uber since around January and so far, I'm not having the best luck with the hours I'm working. I have a completely open schedule and would appreciate any tips/pointers on what are the best hours (and possibly areas) to drive. Ideally I would like to make...
1-8 of 8 Results