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  1. Portland
    Okay, so you get an airport pickup and it says pax will give you a code. Fair enough. You get to island 2 and there's a stack of cars but no pax. So you take your place in line and wait. And wait. And wait. Shouldn't we be getting paid Wait Time? If we were getting a pax elsewhere we would get...
  2. Portland
    Airport drop-off, driving away and got a rematch on Lyft. Do the 2 mile loop to get to the arrivals spot. As I'm pulling in, Lyft switches the ride. Instead if a code, now I have a name. Uh oh, is that a shared ride? I refuse to do shared rides on general principal, especially from the airport...
  3. Portland
    Everywhere in Portland is base EXCEPT the airport, with a $8.75 surge. Oh, and with 100+ cars in the lot. FAKE SURGE
  4. Portland
    We celebrate Thanksgiving to remember that the Indians showed friendship and pity to the pilgrims, inviting them to their feast. We give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Meanwhile, in the Alphabet District, the A is for Ankeny, to pay eternal tribute to Captain Ankeny, who killed so many...
  5. Portland
    I am really not liking the longer loop at the airport. One of the yellow jacket Nazis there told me it was permanent, drivers will forever be going to 82nd to loop. So I do my drop offs on the lower level, and hope for a rematch. Never get one. Yesterday I did a Lyft drop and waited almost 10...
  6. Portland
    Increasing from $2 to $3 On June 11th https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://articles.oregonlive.com/roadreport/index.ssf/2018/05/pdx_jacks_up_prices_for_uber_l.amp&ved=0ahUKEwj-tsfWxK7bAhVNXK0KHaSdDKkQqUMINDAF&usg=AOvVaw1AiGVeHFVLrpHFFJxT5eT0
  7. UberEATS
    i had 2 orders tonight that went unclaimed. 1 was sent to an abandoned building and the phone number was disconnected. 2nd order was sent to a business just down the street from the first place an hour later (4am. obviously closed.), and customer didn't answer. also, the 1st number was an...
  8. Portland
    Airport drop off, rematch pending. After I dropped off current pax it shiws that my new ride is a Line. Ugh, less chance of a tip, and no chance of upselling the ride. But a rematch is better than no rematch, so around the circle I go... As I arrive, Ding Ding another pax added. Pick up the...
  9. Portland
    Cruising down Sandy Boulevard, passing 148th, watching the freight train fly by on my right. Ping! Lyft request. Oh boy, I hope it's not at Costco, there's no way I can get through that freight train. Pickup Island 2, Arrivals. Hmmm. I wonder how many cars I just jumped in front of. Checking...
  10. Portland
    By the airport, got a pickup request. Uber says 45+ mins. At pickup the pax going to PDX. Uber app shows PDX. But Google kicks it over to the other Portland. Then at dropoff I got a rematch. Picking up, island 2, timer would not start. Uber insisted I drive closer to pax.
  11. Portland
    [Deepest apologies if this conversation has been started and updated elsewhere, I looked but didn't find.] I'm currently driving for Uber, and occasionally Lyft, in Anchorage; and while the pickings are slim, I'm managing to get by. I'm looking to return to the lower-48 and looking at...
  12. Portland
    I have told a few people that I believe Lyft shows me favoritism. When I get a ping on nw 21st and Glisan to pick up at the Bolt Bus and I can see a dozen Lyft cars in the app up and down Everett... favoritism. Had another event tonight, you guys tell me if I'm imagining things: Lyft drop off...
  13. Portland
    Pickup at airport, another driver pulls caddy whampus in front of me, his back end sticking out. Blocking me, blocking other traffic. Pops his trunk and just sits there. This is right after MY pax got in the car, I am ready to leave RIGHT NOW. There was a whole line of vehicles, just waiting to...
  14. Portland
    Did an airport dropoff. As some of us know, when you drop off at the airport, you are placed at #1 in the queue. Waited about a minute, and got a rematch ping. Headed down the ramp, and they cancelled. I am assuming they are watching on their phone, don't know there are two levels, see me...
  15. Portland
    615pm Sunday On Fremont st, going from 122nd to 102nd About 105th ..... PING! Lyft pickup, arrivals, island 2, 12 minutes away. Wow, I know Sunday evenings get busy at the airport, but to pull me from there .... the queue must be empty ... Pass on the ride. My days of 12 minute pickups are...
  16. Portland
    Effective Nov 1st Dropoffs still the same place And a reminder from Uber not to call pax and ask destination, lol
  17. Portland
    its suuuuuuper quiet out here tonight. Or is it just me? I think the smoke has everyone staying inside. Anyone staying busy in a certain area tonight?
  18. Portland
    Downtown was a giant, deep red blob late this afternoon. Received several requests from within, but none had a surge multiplier. Passed on so many that I kept getting logged off. How is this possible?
  19. Portland
    well, I'm planning on being out of town for the weekend and holiday so I figured I'd work a few hours I normally don't on the weekdays to make up for that missed time and caught the longest trip to date in the process lol Picked up at pdx and took passengers to tillamook. Probably wouldn't have...
1-20 of 23 Results