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  1. Singapore
    How do you guys think? Better to drive on your own? Or be employed by a company to save on income tax? Singapore PR who need Letter of Employment will only have one choice that's to be employed.
  2. Singapore
    Hi there, Does anyone knows anything about Uber Onelogin? I received a text approval by Uber stating my medical test has passed LTA checks and that I can proceed to register for STA lesson. However I was directed to this Uber Onelogin website, unable to login using my normal Uber driver...
  3. Singapore
    Hi there, Anyone out there that did their medical checkup under Uber around the last week of July? I did mine then and am still waiting for an update from LTA. Understand there is a surge in request hence the slow process. But anyone has any updates how long do we have to wait? Cheers
  4. Singapore
    Uber and Grab drivers will need to be licensed by 2017. A thread dedicated to help drivers get their "Private-hire Driver Vocational Licence" is therefore a no-brainer! Be free to share your experience; ask questions or disseminate information to help the other drivers obtain their...
1-4 of 4 Results