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  1. London
    Hello all, New to this forum. I am not a PCO or Uber driver rather I used to work for WeFlex. Anyone here who has a rental or rental to buy agreement with them and are experiencing issues, please contact me, I have extensive knowledge of how they work and how they try to take advantage of PCO...
  2. London
    Just a curious thought as am in the market for a new car. We all know car manufacturers exaggerate on their MPG figures. From experience what cars get what MPG in London? I have heard that Prius's claimed 72mpg is more like 40.. My bmw 325d got around 40-45 in London without trying too hard...
  3. London
    Hi people, i'm due to start in few weeks. Considering that will be a part time job, i would like first to try how does it go. For the beginning i would like to rent the car, any suggestion? (i'm 24 yrs old)
  4. London
    £30 Annual Tax and 12 Months MOT Included,Last service done at 28000 miles. Detailed Inspection report.Service history Available.2 Remote Keys.Perfect condition clean inside/out.This is a fine example of latest fuel saving Bluemotion technology.This feature switches Engine on standby when car...
  5. Advice
    Hey there, Need advice about PCO car hire. I'm relatively new to Uber, a friend suggested to rent a car through PCO car hire companies as that's more convenient. I found a deal on one website, company offers 30£ per day (PRIUS 2012-2013) with a prospective of hire to purchase, in a year and a...
1-5 of 5 Results