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    Why it matters what Uber customers pay Uber and Lyft are now trying to hide what the customers (pax) pay from the drivers. Uber has made the disclosure screen oversized so that taking screenshots with 100% of the information (on one screen) is now impossible. Lyft has gone off the deep end...
  2. Insurance
    I need some advice because i am in the hole right now with fair. My fair Vehicle has been at the body shop for a month now after a hit and run (my car was hit over night while parked) my insurance provider is fair insurance - Assurant is the company's name. I have full coverage, More like full...
  3. Pay
    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    alright i was a regular visitor of this forum and finally decided to post a topic. Today 3 of my trip fares were wrong. The total trip earning was way much lower than i supposed to get. I wasnt noticing this coz i was getting back to back ping. Now i noticed this and found there is one more trip...
  5. Pay
    Are you satisfied with the payment of the platform? (Flex, DoorDash etc.)
  6. Technology
    Full: https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/7131BE3C-F4E7-11E8-AD71-A9FA5576A6EF Just one year has passed since bitcoin enthusiasts forecasted that the cryptocurrency would hit a price of $1 million. But that was then. With the price of bitcoin BTCUSD-3.97% having fallen almost 80% from...
  7. Kansas City
    Ok, so I get that payments get processed on Tuesday. I just don't understand the math behind the direct deposits. I only drive part-time (tues, thurs, and fri), and last week I made $226.36 but only $126.14 was deposited. Where did the other $100 go?
  8. Minneapolis
    Uber lost track of my trips yesterday, and I needed to use my instant pay to cash out the $150 balance.Uber is claiming a software glitch. Uber fkd up again and thank God my mom helped me with my car payment. Otherwise my car would have been repossessed. Money is very tight for all of us...
  9. Columbus
    Uber Eats just roll out new payment for Columbus' driver. Paying us now $0.97 for pickup and $0.65 for drop off. Now I am making less for more or the same effort as before. Last week got paid $8.06 for delivery after driving 2.23 miles for 15 minutes and today I got paid $8.22 for driving 3.98...
  10. Pay
    Hi, what's up everyone I drive Ubereats sometimes in Seattle area lately I been hustling other apps and didn't drove for uber in few months updated my ins and did 2 trips for $4 each I'm like no way! Anyways this mon I saw 2.2 and 2.5 boost I'm like cool I will rock ubereats but didn't get paid...
  11. Pay
    Hello. What billing/payment errors have you seen, other than improperly credited cancellation fees (I’ve seen that one). I’m not a rookie. 2+ years w 2000+ rides. I just haven’t noticed anything other than BS with cancellation payments. Thanks.
  12. New York City
    A young woman tapped my bumper on the 9A entrance from the Cross Bronx going into Manhattan on St Patricks day and made a slight dent. I told her what I tell anyone who causes damage to my car....Cash or cops its up to you...she agrees to cash. We exchange numbers and info. We agree on a number...
  13. Australia
    Hi there, I suppose there isn’t any commission or other fees for requesting Flex. However, I don’t get why Uber doesn’t do Flex Pay automatically for all drivers?! Why would someone prefer a weekly payment than the other quicker method? cheers
  14. New York City
    I just published this piece on Medium: https://medium.com/@meadonmanhattan/uber-economics-dont-work-for-drivers-f8dc937a346a
  15. Charlotte
    Hello fellow uberators . today i discovered something about uber payment system . EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THEIR TRIP HISTORIES AND DO THE FOLLOWING : I'm not sure about other cities but this has happened to 3 different people using the Uber driver app in the past 3 weeks , if you use Uber GPS to...
  16. San Diego
    I drive a dodge challenger 2 door and can't give rides and decided giving Eats a chance. In Los Angeles I was averaging about $15 to $20 an hour working on almost constant 1.4-1.8x boosts. I just moved down to San Diego (not near downtown) and I am lucky to get a 1.1x boost a couple times a week...
  17. Singapore
    Hello all, My name is Edward and I work for Streetbees, a research company operating out of London in the UK. Currently, we are conducting research on the incomes of Uber drivers around the world, and how they differ month to month. This is to help us gain a clearer view of how good living...
  18. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Now what can I do?
  19. Advice
    Hi, i'm having troubles with my driver, he says that uber has pay only the half of his work this week... I don't believe him, but I know nothing of this, and I have no arguments. That can happen? Hola, estoy teniendo problemas con mi conductor, el dice que Uber solo pago la mitad de su trabajo...
  20. Pay
    So today after I get my 1st ride of the week I notice my current balance is 21 bucks more then the 1st ride. I looked under account balance to see why but nothing is showing. Anyone ever see this Now it's up to 52 wtf is going on