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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Has anyone else not received thier prop 22 payment scheduled for May 2 2023?
  2. Lyft
    First of all, sorry for my English I'm just learning right now and my grammar sucks! I drive for lyft, and the Last week I did not to push on "express pay" , I decided to wait for the weekly payment, but this one, doesn't show up yet on my account. Yesterday I made 160$ and decided to get paid...
  3. Austin
    My husband started driving again for Uber in September. We are missing payments here and there (one from the end of September!) he’s owed about $300 in total. He’s called and emailed Uber to hear that they’ve had “glitches” in the payment system and are working to correct it. This is crazy. We...
  4. Advice
    I did my first express pay on Monday just to see how fast it really is. The transfer was for a little over $1,200. It's now Thursday and I still have not received the funds. Is this normal? If I knew it would take this long, I would just have waited. I bank with Chase, by the way.
  5. Sydney
    Hey guys. Is anyone here still waiting for their payment to come through? I haven't received mine yet, also I'm with Westpac.
  6. Advice
    Newbie here. Quick question, about two hours ago the payment screen said that my 75 (74.50) bucks promotion from UberEats was posted but after looking at my checking account it still hasn't showed up. Is it my bank being slow or something else? Thanks..
  7. Advice
    Hi, i'm having troubles with my driver, he says that uber has pay only the half of his work this week... I don't believe him, but I know nothing of this, and I have no arguments. That can happen? Hola, estoy teniendo problemas con mi conductor, el dice que Uber solo pago la mitad de su trabajo...
  8. Brisbane
    Hi All, Is there anybody (like me) who has NOT gotten paid for the week ending Monday 24 April - I have always been paid on the following Tuesday (should have gotten paid on the 25 April). Several request to support have not changed anything only feedback "sorry about the inconvenience" :-(
  9. Complaints
    Lately, Uber support team sucks. I wrote 100plus emails to get my payment which has been returned back to the payee due to a wrong account number that I provided them earlier.Therefore,I went to the greenlight hub for about seven times to resolve the issue.But no one were able to resolve it and...
  10. Advice
    Uber support team sucks lately. I wrote 100plus emails to get my payment which has returned back to the payee due to wrong account number I gave earlier.I also went to the greenlight hub for about seven times to resolve the issue.No one able to resolve it and their answers is the same shit.My...
  11. London
    Hey Guys I ama new driver and driving for three weeks. In first two weeks I received my payment right on every Monday but this week its Tuesday and payment still not been made. Any views and opinions? Is there anyway we can call uber or cotact on an email?
1-12 of 12 Results