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  1. Washington DC
    it's a sad thin line, the sides could've so easily have flipped if it wasn't for the audio
  2. Advice
    I am making a thread about uberpool, a thread to inform and educate the driver, first things first... Uberpool is a COMPLETE RIPOFF there is a reason why uber takes your stop request button and a reason why they push it so much, Let me explain: Every time you take an uberpool (asides from...
  3. Advice
    So I try to drive smoothly. I offer pax their choice of music styles on my SiriusXM radio. I'm a naturally friendly person. So here's the problem. I've had a 4.95 rating. And I've actually let myself feel proud of that. So much so that I felt bad earlier this week when I pulled a 1-star for no...
1-3 of 3 Results