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  1. Pay
    What were your gross earnings on all trips for Labor Day weekend 2022? Please also indicate: Which services (like UberX or UberEATS or UberXL) you used to generate the earnings Whether your earnings include or exclude a Quest incentive bonus
  2. Pay
    Well I'm back on the road. can someone please explain to me why the need for upfront pricing. it's another paycut. I guess I thought I was going to drive but nope. back off the road. their guarantees are a joke to. 3500 for 350 rides or something like that. just sad. add up gas money , wear and...
  3. Brisbane
    InDriver pays the least out of a buch of Rideshare apps that don’t pay enough already. Thanks InDriver for setting what a driver can offer, idiots!! Disappointing thing is that most muppets (drivers) don’t even know InDriver pays them the least… They will after im finished spreading the word…
  4. Pay
    What are the real origins of the oft-repeated $1/mile minimum acceptance criteria? Like who started it (like an old timer taxi driver)? What year did it start getting air play? Does it predate Uber in the earliest US cities?
  5. News
    How scammers target vulnerable gig workers, and why it may never end
  6. Pay
    Is this why some drivers are leaving the gig?
  7. Pay
  8. Pay
    I've learned something here: Paid shills notwithstanding, the commenters here who are highly critical of the compensation structure typically have something in common: tunnel vision. That's shorthand for saying that they're exceedingly concerned with only this particular offer/request alone or...
  9. UberEATS
    Not sure how much longer I can afford to deliver at these slashed rates! Just look at these payouts! Who can keep up at these indentured servant rates?!
  10. Australia
    Hi all, I was just signing up to be a driver, but everything seems a bit confusing. From my understanding, a driver needs an ABN, so it's like an independent business. Does that mean I should open a business account, register GST, pay income taxes myself, etc? I've never been self-employed...
  11. Advice
    tldr - I’m back, gave some history about driving in Chicago, and wanted to know how you all are doing out there. I know this page is not an airport where you announce your arrival in departure but I thought I would just check in. I started in Chicago back in 2014 in what most would say was...
  12. Chicago
    Times are tough, Covid put me out of work for almost a year and a half, got a job now but I want to supplement by driving uber before or after work. How much gross (before gas and other expenses) can I make driving 40 hours a week, Mondays thru Saturday?
  13. Complaints
    I've been tracking what Uber charges the passenger versus what I get paid as the driver. Uber says they only keep 20% and that's a lie. Lately I've been tracking how much the passenger is being charged versus what Uber is paying me.. If you notice Uber will not update your payment for that trip...
  14. Pay
    I know that wear are tear issues on any vehicle associated with this venture but once you drive for uber, does the pay amount up to enough to offset that lost you're experiencing mechanically?
  15. Brisbane
    So how much is indrivers transaction fee when you cash out? Why wont they disclose the details???
  16. Complaints
    I am completely over Uber at this point. It has now been almost a month and they are still holding my pay!!! My card for deposit on there was expired and I updated it (which we all know you have to take a photo of yourself to do) but Uber is claiming there is fraudulent activity on my driver...
  17. Complaints
    168 rides in a week for a measly, pathetic 268.00 in bonus! You cannot even drive that long legally, at least not in Arizona. No wonder why I don’t drive for them!
  18. Brisbane
    DIDi blatantly lied about charging 6c extra for fuel, no proof & no sign of it after completing a trip. Didi did raise rates to $1.22 but left low life vaccinate at $1.15 outer metro DIDi is paying considerably less than Uber - 16c less a kilometre! There’s plenty of dummies who cant add up...
  19. Pay
    Hey All! I've been a Driver for Both Uber and Lyft since 2018. Started w/ a 2014 Chevy Sonic Sedan when I moved from Northeast Indiana to San Diego, CA. At First without trying I was making $150 a day. This was more than. I was making back home, working for Costco. I began to pay off all of my...
  20. Pay
    I am a new Uber driver. I am unable to add my banking info or request an Uber card to get paid. I go to Wallet, add banking info then the live photo verification pops up, I take a pic, it verifies me then goes right back to the screen to take a pic again. Anyone else have this issue? I already...
1-20 of 490 Results