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  1. Lyft
    Checking my Lyft app this morning and in the weekly schedule I see ZERO Bonuses; mof, Tuesday they don't even offer stupid points! Is it a bug of some kind? Has it come to this? For a company with a massive driver shortage, kinda seems like they're treating existing driver like Shit. No?
  2. Denver
    OK someone please explain this new pay period Fuber has implemented. So our pay period is now Tuesday at noon through Tuesday 11:59 a.m., correct? Yet the app still reflects the work week as Monday through Sunday? what's really confusing me is, my instant pay from 6 a.m. Monday morning...
  3. San Antonio
    Am brand new to Uber today and pending approval. Am a bit miffed at the lack of transparency with the basic UberX pay rate or pay schedule. I am seeing retail rates but not sure those translate directly to driver pay rates. Any help or guidance to a pay scale would be appreciated. Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results