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  1. Pay
    hi, I currently driving Reno and I'm looking to relocate to Sacramento. What is the current pay rate per mile and minute? Wondering if it's worth the move. Thank you!
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Can anyone point me at an online listing of how much Uber actually pays per minute, mile, pickup, etc., for all of the ride classes? Looking for OC and LA. SD would be nice too. I read something that told me pay for Select and X a couple months back, but didn't save the reference. I've...
  3. Denver
    This is crazy guys. I've seen a dip from 900-1100 a week driving only about 30 hours to like $750 max in the same amount of hours with the same routine. That's in the ballpark of a 25% pay cut. "Diamond driver" my ass. How much deeper are they going to be able to stick it in us before we all...
  4. Advice
    I haven’t been driving super super long but I do have about 120 trips in. I know uber pays time X distance etc. but I’m noticing that quite frequently uber takes close to 50% or a little more than somewhat frequently. It’s not all the time but it happens to see if anybody has insight into this...
  5. Portland
    This may be old news for some. In case you guys didn't know, we get paid more for rides originating in Salem, Bend, etc. See screenshot differences.
  6. Singapore
    Hi All, I have been driving uber for a period of time and thought that I should give a fair insight of the dark corners new drivers should know before taking the plunge. 1. Incentives. I was very motivated when I first started out with uber. I did my fair share of calculations and my daily...
  7. Atlanta
    I've been on this forum for a month now. Dam I wish I had read before I started. SO many mistakes. Now, I have moved into 'rookie' category from 'noober'. I am one of those who is not super bitter at Uber because I started at the low rates AND 25% cut for the man. However, I want to be a...
  8. San Antonio
    Am brand new to Uber today and pending approval. Am a bit miffed at the lack of transparency with the basic UberX pay rate or pay schedule. I am seeing retail rates but not sure those translate directly to driver pay rates. Any help or guidance to a pay scale would be appreciated. Thank you.
1-9 of 9 Results