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  1. Complaints
    After a $95 fare for an hour + ride today, the driver shared she was getting $49, I did the math: pay for the driver only 48%?! :( Are they trying to make money for shareholders they’ll never see? Taking from their money-making base is a rookie IPO move, aka stupid.
  2. Pay
    What is up with Uber this last month in Charlotte NC? Surge is minimal yet there are so many people out on the weekend. Uber makes us chase the surge only to disappear or not award the surge when you arrive at the designated location. I’d like to hear how you are handling this latest game by Uber.
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I checked my ScrUber promos on Monday only to find that my promo city had been changed without my consent. I spoke with support. And they told me its due to an "outage" 😂😂😂. How can an outage change my promo city? Seems like uber might be playing dirty. 🤔 Yet another bait and switch... 😡 Anybody...
  4. News
    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/28/uber-drivers-struggle-to-find-income-amid-coronavirus-pandemic.html Earlier this month, as talk of a new virus outbreak in the U.S. revved up, Robert Richwine, an Uber driver in Columbus, Ohio, devised a game plan to try to stay on the road. After dropping off...
  5. Madison
    When did the rate drop to 23 cents a mile? I currently drive Express Drive and not sure if it's the same for everyone or just Express Drive?
  6. UberEATS
    Another pay cut in my market.
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Could not keep up with the cuts in the Uber Black rate so i went to Uber X but I do not care as I now profit more from Uber X then Uber Black
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Thanks to what Uber did to the rates I have become and exemplar driver. Today (Tuesday 12) I did not exceed the speed limits not even for 1 mile over it, actually I drove under the speed limit, I allowed every single car in front of me to change lines in front of mine when they put the...
  9. Complaints
    Here is the original version: and here is the plain English translation: At least they told us within one week that our pay had been cut. Uber didn't tell us about the computer ID hack for a year, so I suppose that makes Lyft the better company.
  10. San Francisco
    Looks like little brother Gryft has followed in Fuber's footsteps.
  11. Minneapolis
    With Uber's new "pay rates" they'll be taking a heck of a lot more when you take Hiawatha. Anywhere from 5-20% and over the long run this will cost you dearly. So maximize you pay and take 35w EVERY TIME! When you're solo of course take the less traffic way but even with traffic take passengers...
  12. Portland
    Let's do some math and figure out what the actual damage will be to us. I am only going to do the math on Uber X/regular Lyft. This math does not include Base Pay of $.94, and it does not include the mythical surge, or quests, or gas, or the inevitable flat tire. If you are driving at an...
  13. Portland
    What a bunch 0f …. Uber can go **** themselves.
  14. Complaints
    Drove for almost 4 hours this morning. Had a $60 donuts and coffee delivery and got paid $5.82. I mean WOW guys do I get free lube for taking orders that big and getting raped in every ORIFICE or what? Grub Hub is activated and all I have to do is go get my equipment. Do you guys even care...
  15. Pay
    Driving in Albuquerque last night I noticed my pay was closer to 50% of the fair. On a $9.33 fair I made $4.66. My next ride resulted in a fair of $7.75 if which I made $3.73 (under 50%). I called it a night and went home. This is the first time in 9 months that the ratio has been this bad...
  16. Washington DC
    Just an FYI for you Longhaulers that use the New2This Memorial Highway AKA 695/295 South. They're doing a LOT of construction work until July 20th (according to the signs) getting it down to one lane. Not sure if it's weekend evenings too. This is gonna suck for the next week.
  17. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Here's the article's premise (link below): "Want a gratis ride? You'll just have to stop at some stores along the way." As a pax, it sounds great. For me as a driver, it sounds like Pool+ (or Pool-minus). EDIT: Here's a bit more from the article: "Say you and your friends want to go to the...
  18. Stories
    Well, sure enough, Uber manages to make another bad decision to anger drivers and lower the money they can make. The only way you can make Quest money now (in LA for now) is if you drive between 7-9am and 5-7pm. As usual, this will come back to bite them, and we'll see what happens. These...
1-20 of 35 Results