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  1. San Antonio
    San Antonio, Last night I got a ping around 1130pm for a pick up over near Blanco and 410. Get to the address, it's the Panda Express, but the Panda Express had been closed since 930-10. Anyways get there, no one there, called the PAX, no answer, sent a txt, no reply. All of a sudden this car...
  2. Stories
    Hi, I'm new to posting but have been a avid reader for the past month or so. So last night (New years eve) I had 2 military passengers (Army) who requested a ride from Waikiki and wanted to go to Schofield barracks; which is roughly a 25 mile, 45 minute drive. I usually prefer the longer rides...
  3. Stories
    Picked up this crazy lady in the Mt. Washington area of Pittsburgh I'd say around 3:15am, looked to be closing a bar. Four other people were standing on the curb with her, a couple and two girls. She's drunkenly yelling at the girls, "You want to come?! Uber? Come on!" Very annoying causing too...
  4. Stories
    I started driving for Uber in June 2014 and really wanted a way to capture what it is like having to talk to passengers all day and all the crazy things that happen when we drive. I hope you enjoy this video! Love it and share it! Uber on. -James
  5. Stories
    So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare. I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to...
1-5 of 5 Results