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  1. Washington DC
    called Ashly pool rider in 14 st NW around 2 pm Me :Hey Ashly This is uber She interrupted me ! Ashly : one minute i be right outside ! Me : No Don't ! acctuly I'm Calling as DC uber driver queen and supervisor they call me asian queen ! in Uber office ! to let you it's sad you...
  2. Washington DC
    To my Pax :: Amy Your rate is 4,6 You not get in my car ! i accpeted you to get your $5 cash ! thanks for only $4 uber keep the $1 Hey Amy ! I'm your femal driver LoLo "who called you asked you : where do you going to !? You said : You don't know !!!! mmm ! my job ! to drive me to...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Breaking News: KekeLo Tedgey Chicken Vs. Angry PAX. More at 7:15 Russ. Reporter, Russ- There was an incident with a Chicken today on the Uber platform. WE ARE LIVE AT WASHINGTON and LINCOLN. Take it away. Well the report came in: Chicken called the ANGRY PAX and this is the conversation...
  4. Houston
    I use an iPhone 4s. Since last weekend when I type to contact the pax to let them know where I am or for whatever reason, my call will not go thru and in directed to contact uber support which I do but nothing happens. I can text and before this I was able to call just fine. Anyone know what's up???
1-4 of 4 Results