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  1. Stories
    Uber passenger offered me $500 to have 'fun' with him (illegal) and wouldn't get out of my car. Guess he didn't care about the dashcam and posted video recording notices clearly visible in my car. It is not uncommon for passengers to tip up to $50 on very long rides, which is the only reason I...
  2. Advice
    can anyone point me to any threads that give an no bullshit take on Lyft? Been doing Uber for 8 months. 450 rides 4.97 Just from having the two driver apps to compare the last couple days I’d say Uber really surges in suburbs and Lyft gets hot in the city whereas Uber does ok, again in my...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    OK, nowadays, I'm paying more attention to PAX behavior. Out of all the things they do, this one is the dumbest. You pile 3 OF YOU in the back seat, squished, can't breathe, move and complain how you have no room the ENTIRE RIDE! Everytime that happens, I look back and squint and I KNOW they...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I'm totally not sleeping tonight....BUT it's not base at least. Any suggestions... Chicken out! Well my PAX needed a smoke, so we are on break.... Stopped for food. We are road tripping... Lol..He's high as hell...( Cough) Go blue Freerideany1
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello everyone. Lets discuss how to plan this. Its been on the books for a while. BUT a drunk PAX, just informed me, CALI ( evil grin ) has the passed the 4:00am bar rule. BARS wil now be allowed to stay open till 4:00 am, what is your first reactiom to this. Freerideany1 all I have to say...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Breaking News: KekeLo Tedgey Chicken Vs. Angry PAX. More at 7:15 Russ. Reporter, Russ- There was an incident with a Chicken today on the Uber platform. WE ARE LIVE AT WASHINGTON and LINCOLN. Take it away. Well the report came in: Chicken called the ANGRY PAX and this is the conversation...
  7. Miami
    Had a drop-off in Wilton Manors the other night, where I frequently drive. Got a ping from the same bar as I dropped them off. It took a while for the pax's friend to get him in the car, as the pax refused to stop chit-chatting outside the bar - should have cancelled right then, but it was a...
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    (1) Kekelo is savage when she wants to be. KekeLo (2) Mexico is the newest honey hole in Uberville. (3) Play pool correctly you'll make money. Unicorn. (4) LYFT is great if you want to watch paint dry. (5) LB addition to core is now the reason, I will never drive in LB again. (6) UBER plays nice...
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Its a bright and gorgeous day. I plan on eating, napping KekeLo, Ubering bien sur!!! But I don't know, Biden and Globes, BOTH traffic catastrophies, waiting to happen.. Lord have mercy on us all.. what say you?! No snarkiness Tedgey Sluber lol! Then again it is UberPeeps, nevermind!!! Carry on!
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Well we all survived at least I hope so. I would like to thank everyone on this holiday weekend who kept LA/OC/SD/CC/SGV/SF moving. With that, ( pours almond milk ) lets trade XMAS tales. I have two, both dramatic. LYFT STORY! ( its long ) I finally reached the end of my night and ALL day...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Welp, the dreaded question came up: PAX: Can you take me into the drive-thru. ME: Sorry, I can't and because a PAX before you all, ruined my car. So, I'm sorry that I can't fulfill that request. Has nothing to do with you. I do apologize. PAX: Well, obviously, I'm not going to ruin your...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    It was either this or vomit. He was feeling sick. I rolled the dice. But NEVER again. Drive-thru is DONE! 1 ☆all you want. I'm beyond done!!!
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    NO 4 PAX IN THE BACKSEAT!!! EVER!!! EVER!!!! I just almost had to pimp slap a PAX for not allowing, 4 PAX!!! It's illegal. It's unsafe and its not worth the 4.00!!! Put your foot down! IT'S YOUR CAR FIRST! UBER SECOND!!! ENOUGH...
  14. New Jersey
    This thread is meant to raise awareness on trouble pax hot zones and to guide drivers which zones to avoid or boycott all together. NJ has its good bad and ugly. But where are the worst pax located in your opinion? Share your stories and vote!
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I really want to know because we offer a great service that is cheaper than a taxi.
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    In response to my request to place the pin at the location to be picked up instead of the front door where there is no roadway: "Maybe if I'm not on the 3rd floor when I make my request, the pin will be in the right place."
1-16 of 16 Results