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  1. Brisbane
    I’ve noticed Ola’s trip offerings are getting more & more pathetic/VERY few & far between. I used to score a really good fare once every few days then it became once a week now it’s almost once a month so its not really worth having in the background. Ola’s customer base also seems to be fried...
  2. Complaints
    Hey there, I recently got a National crime check for menulog and I also wanted one of uber eats. So,rather than going and paying extra for the exact same thing again. I informed the NCC to share my results to Ubereats which they share after paying a small fee. It’s been 1 week now Neither uber...
  3. Lyft
    Lyft offered a guarantee of $80 if I hit 10 rides between the period of Fri - Sun. I hit all 10 rides on Fri, and my earning was around $54 so they have to pay me the difference of $26. It said I had completed the 10 rides on my account. Then I went to check my account this morning and magically...
  4. Chicago
    More like WTF kind of promotional surge area is this? Pathetic. What's more pathetic than the surge area is the 1.1x for it.
1-5 of 5 Results