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  1. Sydney
    Hi All, I am new to Uber having worked for less than a month. I believe I am considered a decent driver having scored only one 4-stars & one 3-stars out of 40 ratings with 10 badges & 3 positive review comments. I have no issue with riders giving a low rating if I have not done a decent job...
  2. Canberra
    Uber is introducing a change in all places where it operates to make it much easier for riders to know their rating. The rider will now see their rating right under their name in the app's menu. Here is the relevant part of their statement (https://newsroom.uber.com/ratingsupdate/)...
  3. Ratings
    Has anybody seen any correlation between pax ratings and quality of ride/issues?? Obviously the people doing this for more than 6 months will have a better gauge . . .
  4. Dallas
    I think that as drivers we often forget how powerful it is to rate passengers. As this article explains, most think they are 5.0 passengers. Of course, because it's natural to think you are perfect. She does a great job of explaining why she had a 4.4 and then what she did to get it up to 4.8...
  5. Atlanta
    Could the passengers see which drivers gave them low rating stars? I'm trying to avoid retaliation here. But they do deserve 3 stars.
  6. Sydney
    Hey, If rating a pax 1 star does this mean you won't be matched with that person again? As I've herd that if rating a customer less then 3 stars you won't be paired together again but can't find any info on it. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results