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  1. Complaints
    Need I say more? They could do with a bit more usability testing of features like this. Really that map is the essence of the app itself. When you cover up a big chunk of it, it makes our job harder. Not only is it annoying, but it's also persistent. They could let us close it at least. Oh now...
  2. Technology
    WTF is going on with the new partner app update? Could they please break more stuff with the next update? That'd really be a big help to me! It keeps asking me to pick a nav provider, as if I never did it to begin with. Also (maybe nothing to do with this but) surges have been over pretty much...
  3. Technology
    I'm seeing some really bad lag on my map (in the partner app). I will be half way across town & still appear to be at my last drop off. The frustrating part is that I will think I'm smack in the center of the mothersurge, but it will have ended already. Are any of you getting this? Am I the...
  4. Technology
    I just updated last night, opened my application today & there is a new marker at our local arena. Does anyone know what this is? It is (apparently) the only marker nearby. It almost looks like an airport marker, except there is no cue number & it is also square. The marker looks like an...
  5. Advice
    We all know that the way to maximize earnings is to maximize pings (requests) per hour and avoid short trips. Uber cannot be relied upon for either. The obvious solution is technology. The first step is for Uber drivers also join Lyft, Grubhub, and any other active service in their region...
  6. Miami
    I saw this on my Android App market when I tried to re-install the app
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey Guys and Gals. I'm looking to upgrade my iPhone 6 Plus. I really dislike Apple Maps, so I'm debating switching over to android for "Google Maps" exclusivity. Who uses iPhone and who uses Android for Uber? Vote in my Poll.
  8. Technology
    I tried out the new Uber Pandora feature today. Well, bad move. After getting out of my car and disconnecting from the Bluetooth stereo, the app kept downloading and playing music silently in the background for hours, consuming gigabytes of data. When I noticed that it was still playing...
  9. Minneapolis
    So I know there has been issues with the app but mine has now disappeared from my iPhone 6. On top of that when I go to the App Store to download the partner app it's not there! Any ideas?
  10. Orlando
    Has anyone else downloaded the new Driver Partner App (v 3.100.0)? I can't find any release notes (what changed). No obvious changes.
  11. Brevard County
    Has anyone else downloaded the new Driver Partner App (v 3.100.0)? I can't find any release notes (what changed). No obvious changes.
  12. Technology
    Anyone else not able to see their average star rating anymore on the partner app? Also got a notification that said uber fare rates went up in Lansing but when I checked my app there wasn't anything about that anywhere. Would it be because I'm not in Lansing right now? (iOS)
  13. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't. This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up...
  14. Raleigh-Durham
    When I went to Charlotte my partner app allowed me to see the map without logging in. Once I returned to Raleigh it reverted to the making me log in to see the map. I have an iPhone. Does anyone with an iPhone in the Raleigh area have the ability to see the map without logging in? I asked...
  15. News
    I saw no surge here in San Francisco starting at 5 pm and continuing for 4 hours. I went home because I refuse to drive for the money losing base rate. It's now 10:15 and no sign of any surge anywhere. I think we might be seeing the end of surge zones displayed on the partner app.. This is...
  16. Montgomery County
    I wanted to ask about the situation on the Partner App and the MAPS Powering it. I had read over and over that the UBER Map portion of the Partner App basically was the pits and always select Google Maps. But I remeber reading somewhere recently that now the Partner App is powered by Google Maps...
  17. Technology
    Ive just noticed this today, NYE 2016, Help function through app is disabled as they've locked the submit button! F*ing great!
  18. Complaints
    Anyone else getting pings while you're offline from the partner app? I was driving lyft this morning and I got like 4 Pings from the Partner app. I wasn't even online. Makes me wonder if uber if deliberately doing this to bring my acceptance down so they could deactivate me since i'm a 20%'er...
  19. Houston
    I have asked UBER via email several times for release notes or any information at all for the Updates that we are forced to install before going online. Does anyone know of any resource where we can find this information? It would also be nice to see a road map for upcoming fixes/features to...
  20. Dallas
    Has anyone ever had the issue where your volume is all the way up and not set on silent but occasionally you get a ping with no sound? I work out of my apartment and drive SELECT so my trips aren't as frequent. I like taking naps in between pings and if I can't hear it I can't accept. Anyone...
1-20 of 22 Results