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  1. Complaints
    Listen all driver you understand what's mean partners If a Comapny make profit as his quarterly earning As partners legally you eintitled to be have your share in profit ! Please awake up and make it happened
  2. Advice
    The Forum has a long Featured Thread by grams777, that's become somewhat unwieldy for Drivers to glean pertinent info from. New US Uber Partner Agreement - Dec 11, 2015 (Arbitration) So I've compiled this post as a repository of concise & narrowly focused info on the New Partner Agreement (PA)...
  3. Notifications
    Received: December 11, 2015, Beginning today, the next time you log onto the Uber app, you will receive a pop-up notification about a new driver-partner agreement. You will be prompted to accept the new agreement before you can continue to go online and begin accepting trips. However, you have...
  4. Notifications
    NOV 2014 Uber US Partner Agreement http://tinyurl.com/p5qy22p RAISER, LLC / RASIER-CA, LLC / RASIER-PA, LLC
1-4 of 4 Results