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  1. Advice
    ^^ Heading Question I heard a few of the drivers at the airport talking about paying 2-3 parking tickets a month! Are you counting these in your vehicle costs?? I rarely get any maybe 1-2 a year for $50. I'm talking about when things were normal before this shut-down.
  2. New York City
    Hi Everyone, I live in Manhattan and am becoming an uber driver? Where do people park their cars overnight for cheap? Do some park in Brooklyn/Queens/NJ on the street and take the subway back if they live in Manhattan? Can't pay these crazy parking garage expenses in Manhattan right now...
  3. New York City
    Dogs know how to use the bathroom without getting parking tickets Stray cats know that cars can make good shelter i carry around the bottle that others have recommended. Park at a hydrant (where else?) and stay in the car... but its hard to be invisible in the backseat, plus its cramped. So...
  4. Minneapolis
    I had a request come in after the Twins game which is always a mess but I had my destination filter on and it was a 1.7x surge so why not. I called them right away to find out where they were. They were on 7th right by the main entrance/ProShop. As I pulled up and barely stopped a traffic guy...
1-4 of 4 Results