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  1. Sydney
    Recently had the case of the side mirror damaged. Dealership says it's only $20 for the part but it's not painted comes in standard black. They suggested a mechanic to paint it he's charging $120 for standard white. Which seems over the top to paint such a small area. Anyone have...
  2. Sydney
    What's the best way to fix up all the scratches around the car boot. Do you have to take it to a specialist or can you use the paint touch ups from a car shop like SCA. What are these specialists called, Panel Beaters?
  3. New York City
    Hello and welcome. I've been driving my Black Toyota Camry for a while now. But now, I think it's the right time to change the paint job to something that reflects the way I am feeling right now and in the process increase my fabulousness ergo increasing my earnings! To achieve this I've decided...
  4. Chicago
    So I got suckered into driving Saturday for uber and paid the price. I was out two hours and got in two scrapes. 1st one was some guy on bike hauling empty cans on bike trailer. I heard the cans hit against my car. left a 2 foot mark. Other one cabby does a right from the center lane when...
1-4 of 4 Results