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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Somebody accidentally ordered food as 'curbside' then fixed the error by selecting a package delivery from the restaurant to their house. I was that driver, and thus, felt like an Eats Driver. Also: No Tip.
  2. Advice
    Who's doing it? Not me! Last year I worked Black Friday. I remember it was nothing but requests going to and from the malls and stores. You could get stuck in mall traffic and it could take 30 minutes to get out. Likewise folks are going to try and fill up your trunk and the back seat of your...
  3. Delivery
    Onibag is launching a pilot to deliver parcels in California, Nevada, and Arizona. What is Onibag? Onibag is a public transportation parcel shipping startup, allowing everybody to become neighborhood's mailman! First and last mile delivery performed by ride-sharing drivers, intercity freight...
  4. Flex
    OK so i got deactivated first time for that reason ( customer not receiving package that marked as delivered). Then i got reactivated again and this is my second week since reactivation. Today i received that email about customer expectations about same reason. I don't know what i am doing wrong...
  5. Stories
    So I was driving a rider from 40 and collins towards coral gables and the another rider for a pool added. So this new person said that actually he is not riding, but he need do send a box.. My answer was "NO!" He tried to convince me to do so, but I said that "Uber does not provide a courier...
1-5 of 5 Results