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  1. News
    http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime--law/breaking-uber-driver-allegedly-punched-after-dispute-boca-raton/HJGGglNreIYkSFzFMiljPJ/ VIEW CAPTION BOCA RATON A New York man is facing a charge that he punched an Uber driver early Sunday, according to an arrest report. Kevin J. Molaro, 23...
  2. Stories
    Overloaded: Uber driver loses vehicle for cramming too many passengers into car . An Uber driver has lost his wheels for a month after he was caught with too many people in his car, police say. An off-duty police officer spotted the car in Richmond and couldn't believe what he saw: two people...
  3. Atlanta
    I am a new driver in Atlanta. Last night, I had a bad experience picking people up at the Buckhead area. So, anyway, I arrived to the bar/club location to pick up the passengers. But the night club was too busy and may people were pushed into the streets and I could not pull my car in front of...
1-3 of 3 Results