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  1. Chicago
    1:30 am, I arrived at the banquet hall in Lemont. SIX people wanted to squeeze into my Uber XMobile. Hellz to the Noz! "This is Uber X. I can take up to 4 people since I have 4 seat belts." "We ordered Uber XL." They were not surprised. They knew the terminology. They didn't punch the guy who...
  2. Asheville
    For 1 it's a safety issue and 2 it's illegal. If you were in an accident you would be liable.
  3. Atlanta
    I am a new driver in Atlanta. Last night, I had a bad experience picking people up at the Buckhead area. So, anyway, I arrived to the bar/club location to pick up the passengers. But the night club was too busy and may people were pushed into the streets and I could not pull my car in front of...
1-3 of 3 Results