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  1. Orlando
    Hi fellow drivers! I'm a founder for a startup in Florida called GoGoPowerJuice, and we're developing a new product for rideshare drivers. We understand that there are high costs for being a rideshare driver for: Gas Car related expenses (maintenance, car payments) High rideshare platform...
  2. Vehicles
    If you were to upgrade from X, will you get a car the can do Select or a minivan to do XL? Its a legit question from an XL driver from Puerto Rico with 3500 rides in 8 months who is about to get a car and knows no one here that can advise him properly. I know some vehicles can do both, but the...
  3. Orlando
    I you are planning to take a shit on MCO portable john be ready to sit in a toilet full diarrhea. Some uber drivers need pampers. What a shame!
  4. Orlando
    How long will Uber continue this nonsense! 65 cents a mile 11 cents a minute.! GET REAL. AND THE INSANE AMOUNT OF DRIVERS! And half or more of those drivers have no common sense, and still they recruit more everyday. When Tampa's rates became this low they boycotted and eventually uber...
1-4 of 4 Results