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  1. Seattle
    I met the Teamster's Union rep for ABDA last week but left feeling that that was more hope in self-organizing. What's been tried here and why hasn't it worked? It should be obvious to everyone that market power resides in the collective of the drivers, who own the means of production...ie...
  2. Chicago
    In spring of 2016 I was part of a group that tried to organize drivers. If ever see someone mention 'herding cats' you know why we failed. Now 16 months later I really wonder if we failed. The Chicago ordinance that threatened us all the passed in a meaningless watered down version. Riders are...
  3. Chicago
    Organizing driver is pretty much a joke and nothing but herding cats. What could be effective is a charitable organization that mobilizes massive amounts of drivers to show up to fill sand bags, give blood, cook meals for displaced people or whatever else is needed. What I would like to propose...
  4. Chicago
    I'm meeting with a State Representative to advocate on our behalf. As a suburban driver I am concerned about how a city of 2.8 million dictates the regulations of an area with 10 million. As many of you know I helped organize a group of drivers with mixed success. I am sort of proud of the...
  5. New Jersey
    To Stop Driving will not get immediate results because many people need money especially after Christmas. Steps have to be taken first. This Plan will Work I have a multi part plan that know WILL WORK. This plan requires minimal effort and no money. It does not require $1,000's of dollars or...
  6. Advocacy
  7. Advocacy
    Abe Hussein was successful at getting the ball rolling in organizing the #UberSTRIKE. But he is a divisive figure, and has a conflict of interest in leading Drivers due to his NLRB Case against Uber. Please join this nascent group instead of following Abe Husein...
  8. News
1-8 of 8 Results