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  1. Chicago
    Most discussion around airport runs center around the mornings. Particularly Mondays. Let’s look at another busy time for airport trips: Thursday and Friday afternoons. For the first time in a few years I took an afternoon ORD run. Originating from the West Loop. Was just short of 12 noon with...
  2. Chicago
    Lot of action in this pic. This isn't the last one to come. When turning right into the pit, there's a brief blind spot to where you can't see northbound Drivers with a Green light traveling 30+ into the pit. I think the declivity from the top of this intersection and the Rosemont exhibition...
  3. Chicago
    My proposal to help relieve congestion at the pit, during busy times (Flow chart attached): Monitoring ORD cameras would watch TNP lot to detect busy times, and ORD security personnel could maintain a computer file to allow or prohibit re-match, based on conditions. Uber/Lyft ping allocation...
  4. Chicago
    For tonight, 1/31/19, 9PM CST, WGN Chicago TV news coverage: One of the scheduled segments tonight is video coverage of the ORD TNP lot, including complaints from passengers about waiting an hour to get picked up. All of you double-parking, dodge-em'-cars, antsy pit lurkers are probably going...
  5. Ord

  6. Chicago
    There is so much focus on ORD, I think it deserves its own group. All the Pit Lizards and specialists. All the beat puppies who are so loyal they keep coming back. It's the single most mentioned location here. What would even be second--Wrigley (in season)? Strip clubs in general? For sure...
  7. Chicago
    You're immediately added to the Queue as soon as you pass the Mannheim N exit from the 190 if driving solo, i.e. no pax. You're made available or qualify to rematch if you're dropping off. Regardless, after ending the trip, you're in pit purgatory of sorts, whereby you qualify for the rematch so...
  8. Chicago
    Am wondering, don't these people have families to go home to? How many red eyes really arrive after 11 pm at Ord? Asking for a friend.
  9. Chicago
    New multi-level structure with ATS rail transit seems pretty ready to open. Anyone know when? Will reduce car rental compamies' shuttle traffic in and out from the curbs. Can't be a bad thing.
  10. Chicago
    Have another aspirin and probably an extra cup coffee ready if you’re taking people there this morning. A 5:25 AM pick up from Lakeview on a 2.3 surge took 50 minutes. An earlier crash near Cumberland greatly aided. And more non-business travelers than usual.
  11. Chicago
    Two questions since I am bringing up the shitters at the ORD TNP lot. First, what is the little ads taped to the doors and walls of the porterjohns for? Got a ride before looking it up and seeing what it was. Second my mother is getting into driving and wants to know does that women labeled...
  12. Chicago
    Yes, I have read the Driver Forum on using Chicago Airports, I've taken the quiz and reviewed all their maps and yet I'm still confused where to ACTUALLY go for staging! The quiz asks questions not even covered in the forum and the maps are practically useless to navigate and don't match the...
  13. Chicago
    So according to the Uber driver app there seems to be a lot of ride requests at ORD, but not at the terminals. The surge is on the runways at the west end of the airport.
  14. Chicago
    Anybody ever notice those guys always disappear when it rains?
  15. Chicago
    So I picked up an individual this Sunday going to the airport. He kind of annoyed me because he made me wait while he smoked a J. He said o I forgot something and went back to finish and was thick in the head and didn't realize I could smell it on him. Anyways, it was a 10 minute ride from the...
  16. Chicago
    Across Uber forums they mention that carrying the vehicle inspection report is a requirement for Airport rides in Chicago. However, the Uber driver app does not display any images of the applicable documents (License, Insurance, Inspection, etc.) but just the validity dates. Of course one is...
  17. Chicago
    i have Tmobile and whenever I go to ohare staging area my internet doesn't work. Is there anywhere else I can park? Anywhere where I get some data so I can get a ride. Thanks
  18. Chicago
    What's up with the 8 or so cars I saw lined up there just now? As I was driving up towards them, one of them had obviously just been pinged as he pulled out in front of me and was headed right towards the airport.
  19. Chicago
    With the protests going on as I speak (10p). Anybody having to maneuver the crowds? Let us know if it is a complete mess or not. I got a text from Lyft earlier about being extra careful in watching out for protesters and their PC Bull about how they support peaceful protests blah blah blah. I...
  20. Chicago
    Yep, late Friday afternoon. In a white car that says, "City of Chicago Business Affairs". He was very slowly creeping through the lot. He hassled two guys in separate cars in adjoining spaces, one of which I'm pretty was sure for not displaying the emblem on the dash - apparently the guy had...
1-20 of 35 Results