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  1. Melbourne
    Now that its inevitable that orange buffoon will be evicted from office. It's not a question of if but how he will leave and orange can still cause a lot of damage before he comes down. Here are the possibilities that are keeping hopes alive for orange and his supporters. Trump judges in...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi All, This was in PA. Have you seen that lyft added in the percentage like Uber? I haven't seen this in Los Angeles. Has anyone? It's an orangey salmon color. The shades of pink drive me nuts. I think this is more effective. Feedback?
  3. Vehicles
    My vehicle is 2012 Prius C with a standard factory color Habanero Orange. The local Uber inspection site failed my car only for being orange in color. They told me the vehicle looks too much like a taxi. I have no signage or emblems, and nobody has attempted to "hail" me for a ride in the 5+...
  4. Build a community in...
    Oct 5th Update: I've been told that replies/responses are more important than votes. So if you voted and have not yet replied then please reply too. ________ Please vote in the Poll, if you would like to see a separate forum for the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State. It might encompass the...
  5. Surge
    I am a driver in NH. Often times when I have the app on at home I will be in a "dark orange" area or a 1.5 X / 2.0 X surge. When this happens I rarely get a ping, may be 1% of the time. I have also been hour for 30+ minutes prior to this happening without a ping. How is it a "busy" area when...
  6. Surge
    Ever since the new app was pushed out a couple of weeks ago, I keep seeing what I think are false or "ghost" search indicators in orange and yellow zones. Is anyone else seeing those? Are those truly false surge indicators or can you, in fact, get surge pricing in orange and yellow areas??
1-6 of 6 Results