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  1. Seattle
    Had to agree to a new contract today. Looks like it replaces the 2015 contract. Make sure you opt out of arbitration. If I have time I'll look for any noticeable differences between the two and report back.
  2. Houston
    If, like me, on or around April 10th, you agreed to a new Terms of Use with Lyft. From the day you accepted, you have 30 days to opt-out of arbitration with respect to Driver Claims. Must be in writing. It was a ***** to find in the Terms and I'm convinced when I accessed the Terms elsewhere...
  3. Chicago
    https://www.uberflsa.com/ Info came as a text. Lawsuit covers opted out drivers fro. 7/12/14 to 7/12/17.
  4. Phoenix
    i hope we can #optout https://blog.lyft.com/posts/taco-mode
  5. Miami
    So I took a look at the Uber app this morning and noticed a survey about Pool. Did anyone else see it ??? Oh, I went in on their azzez. I was like: '...And furthermore you know we despise Pool which is why you eliminated our ability to opt out of it. You asked a question you already knew the...
  6. Advice
    Hello, I am new to using the instant pay feature: I have two questions and it's regarding a statement made by Uber in its help section under Instant Pay. Uber makes the following statement: "Earnings Boost incentives and high fares under review or fares under review for improper use are not...
  7. Chicago
    When I first signed up this message was everywhere. Obt out of arbitration. A simple Internet search or search of old threads will tell you how. Kind of sad that I'm one of the longest active members here. If anyone is interested in making a difference there should be a link on my profile page.
  8. Piedmont Triad
    Drivers, make sure to watch these videos and follow through for your own protection:
  9. Chicago
    Got an email about a TOS update. Anybody know if we need to opt out of arbitration again?
  10. Boston
    Pools, ugh. If you have a high enough passenger rating can you be locked out of Uber if you don't except pools? I tried it last week and received 2 to 3 in app messages. Is there a way to opt out of all pools? How?
  11. Washington DC
    And I am going to accept 100% of the pings. I will accept all pools. I will accept all pools that are 15 minutes away. I will accept all pools that are more than 15 minutes away and that are only going one block.
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
  13. Chicago
    so supposedly I did it. After 17 responses twlling me that it was not possible to opt out of UberPOOP I finally got this email response. Berna Hi,kingearwig. l perfectly understand that you want to be opt-out on receiving UberPOOL trips. I'd be glad to help you on this. William, you don't have...
  14. Lyft
    So anyone getting the updated contract agreement? and also, I don't think there is a way to opt out!
  15. Advocacy
    Were you afraid to opt out becuase you thought uber would fire you? Were you about to start work and you were forced to sign a contract before you drove that night? Were you in the uber lease program? There is still hope and it is called durress. Here is some more information...
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello, relatively new driver here. Well, I have been driving part time for about 6 months. In 6 months I have already seen the landscape change dramatically. But, I am not naive enough to think someone can master the ins and outs of a business/industry in 6 months lol. Anyways, I am aware...
  17. Washington DC
    Today is the final day to Opt Out of Binding Arbitration Provision in Uber Agreement. If your in need of additional information, or how to go about doing so. You can find within this forum. Basically a month ago immediately after Uber had a ruling against them in a class action lawsuit in...
  18. Notifications
    Received: December 11, 2015, Beginning today, the next time you log onto the Uber app, you will receive a pop-up notification about a new driver-partner agreement. You will be prompted to accept the new agreement before you can continue to go online and begin accepting trips. However, you have...
  19. Notifications
    OPT OUT OF BINDING ARBITRATION CLAUSE (excerpt from the US Nov 2014 Partner Agreement) viii. Your Right To Opt Out Of Arbitration. Arbitration is not a mandatory condition of your contractual relationship with the Company. If you do not want to be subject to this Arbitration Provision, you may...
1-19 of 19 Results