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  1. Washington DC
    Faker than Stormy Daniels boobs I assume
  2. Houston
    Driver blew it on this one. Cancellation probably wasn't even about the face, but it is now: http://abc13.com/society/man-says-he-was-denied-an-uber-because-of-his-appearance/2795758/
  3. New Orleans
    Channel8 New Orleans news has just reported an Uber driver was a contestant in todays round of " How many stories of scaffolding can my car support" 7 The answer for today is 7. Unknown at this time if any passengers were involved. James River Never saw this one coming. Must have seemed like the...
  4. Dallas
    Major oops! This had to be a new driver without many brain cells active at the time. How do you not turn around and confirm the destination? Or just simply say "Hello. How's it going today"? There's no adult response coming from the back seat so that might be a red flag. Common sense just...
1-5 of 5 Results